Sally Weaser Polymer Clay Designs

Contemporary jewellery blending Scotland's heritage with a modern and vibrant twist.

About me

I started making Jewellery in 2011 as a hobby but it soon took over my life. To start with I was primarily using glass beads and I particularly loved to work with hand-made lamp work beads. My favourite glass artist and person who, unbeknown to them, inspired me to take my little hobby forward and make it my dream is Sally Sutherland of Soul Silver. Her work is absolutely stunning and I was more than a little obsessed with her beads, to the point of taking my whole family on the 200 mile round trip to visit her studio and wait for hours while I pondered over which beads would become mine!

I wanted to start making glass beads myself but I soon realised it wasn’t an option for me at the time, but it was while I was in Sally’s glass studio that I stumbled upon a medium that would change my life altogether. On the wall in the studio was a beautiful wee picture of an elephant, I commented on it and Sally said her friend, a fellow glass artist, had given it to her but it was made out of polymer clay. As soon as I was home I googled polymer clay classes in Scotland and lo and behold Fort William popped up. A few emails later I was eagerly waiting to visit the very lovely and very talented Chris Pellow. I will be eternally grateful to Chris for leading me into the wonderful and addictive world of polymer clay.

Polymer clay is an amazing versatile product, with endless possibilities. Starting life looking like a hard lump of boring plasticine, with time and effort, beautiful things begin to emerge. While each piece in a collection may be similar they will all be, in some way, unique and you will be guaranteed something that has been hand-made with love and attention to detail.

More recently I’ve been working with tartans and this has become a bit of a passion. I’m working on making contemporary pieces that blend Scotland’s amazing heritage with a modern and vibrant twist.

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