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Contemporary jewellery blending Scotland's heritage with a modern and vibrant twist.

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Where have I been?

Well, hello folks, long time no speak. I’ve been caught up with life lately so clay has unfortunately taken a back seat, so much so that I haven’t even had a go with my Dream Machine. Anyone who knows me or poly clay will realise what them means! Some news on the Poly Clay Design front though, I’m going to scale back for a little while as I’m starting back to my “Day Job” (note I didn’t call it a “Proper Job”). I’m going back to work for Scottish Natural Heritage here in Oban, to start with I will be working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday which does leave me some time for my clay so I won’t drop off the face of the planet entirely! I’ve got to do something to keep sane after all! (What do you mean I’ll never be sane!!!!) 

I have a few commissions on the go which are my top clay priority, then restocking of a few shops and my Etsy page, followed by organising a very exciting Polymer Clay Workshop with Carol Simmons for May 2016.  However after that the first thing I’m going to do when I get a chance to play is make something inspired by this beauty, which I found on our hols in Lanzarote. It was massive, the size of a dinner plate!

Lanzarote Beauty

Lanzarote Beauty


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Creative community

I went along to the Old Rockfield school open meeting to see the plans the Oban Communites Trust have for the building. I have to say I’m blown away by the passion and determination that this group has and how much the community is supporting it. It’s so inspiring and heartwarming to see real community spirit in action. In fact over the past few weeks and months I’ve felt a wonderful new vibe in the town, people are positive and enthusiastic. I’m really looking forward to having a space that can act as a hub for the creative energies of our wee town. Let’s think what we can achieve and create, we only have to look down the road to see what can be done with a bit of focus and coordination. This amazing installation is community art by the truly talented and creative bunch that inhabit the Ardfern area.


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It’s a start!

Clan MacDougall Tartan Cufflinks

Clan MacDougall Tartan Cufflinks

Hi Peeps,

Well I’ve been saying it for ages but I finally have an Etsy Shop!!! It’s very much a work in progress, a bit like this but it’s out there and it’s a start. I will hopefully get some more listings up tomorrow and for now you will primarily see my tartan range. I currently have the McDougall in stock and a very limited supply of the Argyll and Pride of Scotland. I keep a list of tartans that folk have expressed an interest in so if you would like to see yours added to my to-do-list then to get in touch. If you would like to see how I make these tartan pieces have look back through my Facebook posts and keep your eyes peeled as I aim to put a slide show/movie clip on here soon.

And as a wee incentive for those new to Etsy, use this link to get £5 off!

Happy shopping. xxx

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Summer’s over too quick and where did autumn go?

Well hello, and welcome to my new blog on my new website. Please forgive any teething issues as I have very quickly realised that the IT skills I thought I had have evaporated!

Lots happened over the summer including having a photo shoot for my new marketing material. The fantastic Lauren J Fair worked her magic and I’m so happy with the shots.

Lauren was exceptionally good at putting me at ease, as let’s face it, posing for photos is not most people favourite pass time, unless it’s a selfie of course!

Once the photos were done I had to choose which ones to use, and since they were all great that was tricky. However the whole process of selecting the photos and ordering the cards and banner descended in to chaos. I was on “Holiday” in a caravan in a wee caravan park just outside Inverness and in order to get a wifi signal I had to hang out the window! Thankfully Lauren saved the day and was able to pull it all tougher for me. So a very big thank you Lauren. x